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1. Fall in Love with English


Hiding behind the loosedustycurtain, a teenagerpacked up his overcoat into the suitcase. He planned to leave home at dusk though there wasthunder and lightningoutdoors. He had got to do this because he was tired of his parents’ nagging about his English study and did not want to go throughit any longer. He couldn’t get along well with English and disliked joining in English classes because he thought his teacher ignored him on purpose. As a result, his score in each exam never added upto over 60.

His partnerwas concerned about him very much. She understood exactly what he was suffering from, but entirelydisagreed with his idea. In order tocalm him down and settle his problem, she talked with him face to face and swapped a seriesof learning tips with him. The items she set down helped him find the highway to studying English well.

The teenager was grateful and got great power from his friend’s words. Now, he has recovered from being upset and has fallen in love with English.

有个少年躲在积满灰尘的松散窗帘后把大衣装入手提箱。尽管外面正打雷闪电, 他仍计划在黄昏时分离家出走。他不得不这样做是因为厌倦了父母对他英语学习的唠叨,不想再忍受下去了。他的英语学习总是无法取得进展,而且不喜欢参加英语课的学习,因为他以为老师有意忽视他。结果,他每次考试的分数合计从未超过60。



2. Different Countries Have Different Kinds of Englishes


Voyages of people from England play an important part in spreading the English language. At present, English is frequently spoken as anofficial or common language in many countries, such as America, Singapore,Malaysia and someAfrican countries. All based on British English, the English spoken in these countries can be well understood by native English speakers. But actually, these Englishes have been gradually changing in accents,spellings, expressions and theusage of vocabulary.

Because of this fact, you can make use of the differences to tell which country the foreigners of your block are from. For example, if a bossfluentlycommands his driver, “Come up straight to my apartment by elevatorand take some gas for my trucks and cabs”, instead of requesting, “Please come to my flat by lift and take somepetrol for mylorries and taxis”, you can recognize his Americanidentity, while the lattersuggests that he is British.


因为这一情况的存在,你就可以利用这些英语之间的区别说出你们街区的外国人是哪个国家来的了。例如,如果有个老板流利地命令他的司机:“Come up straight to my apartment by elevator and take some gas for my trucks and cabs(直接搭电梯到我公寓上来拿卡车和出租车的汽油)”,而不是要求说,“Please come to my flat by lift and take some petrol for my lorries and taxis(请直接搭电梯到我公寓上来拿卡车和出租车的汽油)”,你就可以轻易地辨认出他的美国人身份,而后者却暗示着那是一位英国人。(请注意:听力录音里第二段两个“电梯”的单词跟原文不一致,原文是对的,录音弄错了,elevator才是美式说法而lift是英式说法。)

3.A Hard Trip


My sister was fond of traveling. Ever sincegraduating, she had been determinedtoorganizea trip to an old temple. Since transporting fare was expensive, she decided to use a bicycle to cycle there not caring about the disadvantages. Her stubbornattitude was always her shortcoming. Once she made up her mindto do something, no one could persuade her to change her mind.Finally, we gave inas usualthough we preferred to take a train. After we prepared everything, including the schedule, reliableweather forecast and the insurance, we began our trip.

Our journeywas along a river flowing from a high altitude. Our pace was slow because the river frequently had many sharp bends through deep valleys, where the water seemed to boil. Just as I recorded in my journal, it was really a hard journey. But we also enjoyed great views. One night, I put my head on my pillow--a parcel ofwool coats, and lay beneath the stars. When the flamein front of our cave went out at midnight, I found the sky so beautiful!



4.A Horrible Earthquake


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